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Trade-in watches

Trade-in watches

The popular and up-to-date service "Trade-in", or simply "exchange of watches", has reached the watch market, and now you can use this service in our watch pawnshop "Luxorg". The point of this service is that we change your old, or just tired of you watch, to another from our watch pawnshop with an additional payment to one of the parties (Your or our). In this case, You will get an increased appreciation of Your watch, than it would be in the case of a simple sale of watches to a pawnshop! And we will offer you a reasonable price for your chosen watch!

In our watch pawn shop-favorable terms for both sides of the transaction on the exchange of watches. We use in our work only an individual approach to the client. You just choose the watch model you are interested in on our website, call us, send us photos of your watch, and we will agree with You on the terms of exchange, for those watches that You have chosen for yourself!

Please note that we only accept original Swiss watches from well-known watch brands! To determine the authenticity and operability of your watch, we conduct an Express examination of your watch. It takes 10 minutes and is absolutely free for You.

To evaluate your Swiss watch please call:
+7 (963) 921-99-21
+7(963) 921-99-21