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Swiss wrist watch Roger Dubuis

Swiss wrist watch Roger Dubuis

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Roger Dubois, born in Switzerland in 1938, was fascinated by the work of watchmakers since childhood. At the age of 15, he entered a watchmaking school in Geneva. After graduating with honors, Dubois worked in watchmaking workshops for more than 20 years, gaining experience and coming up with new ideas. He was able to open his own watch repair shop in 1980. Dubois repaired complex mechanical watch breakdowns, which quickly earned him fame among local residents!

Perhaps he would have remained an unsurpassed watchmaker, and no one would have been able to buy a Roger Dubuis watch like this, if not for his acquaintance with Carlos Diaz, who had great connections with collectors around the world. As it turned out, at the end of the XX century there was a shortage of exclusive models of watches, and the need for them as a means of self-expression was.

Today, the watch company Roger Dubuis is located in Geneva and has about 90 employees. Roger Dubuis men's and women's watches are marked with the oldest and most prestigious distinction – the Geneva brand. This means that the Roger Dubuis watch complies with the 12 basic rules regarding the decoration of all significant parts of the movement: that is, all parts are polished, have a rounded shape, and the surface patterns clearly correspond to those approved in Geneva.

By purchasing a Roger Dubuis wristwatch, You can be sure that all the components of the watch are manufactured at the manufacturer's factory. The firm does not trust their manufacture even to the most famous watch manufacturers.

Anyone who wants to buy Roger Dubuis should know that the brand has released six collections. Watches are produced in limited quantities, which makes the owners exceptional people. All collections of Roger Dubuis women's and men's wristwatches have some exclusive subtleties and details! In addition to tourbillons, they can be equipped with a lunar calendar or a melodic repeater. The case is made of gold or titanium, for example, the glass always has a protective coating, and in the bracelets, for example, diamonds can be embedded. Of course, this entourage is also reflected in the price of Roger Dubuis Swiss wristwatches.

And in our watch pawn shop you can get acquainted with this brand. All models are technically and aesthetically perfect. By purchasing a Roger Dubuis Swiss wristwatch, you will always be elegant and punctual!

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