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Swiss wrist watch Jorg Hysek

Swiss wrist watch Jorg Hysek

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For several years of its existence, the Swiss watch brand Hysek has experienced a history that would have been enough for several watch houses. What can be the results of a watch brand that has just changed its second decade? To paraphrase the heroine of the Oscar-Winning melodrama, at the age of ten the life of the watch company is just beginning: the watch brand Hysek-has gained fame, constant and loyal fans and proved that it is capable of more than occasionally present sensations. And she has proved that she owns her own unique style, recognizable design and technologies that allow us to present every year really interesting, relevant and prestigious models for those who understand a good wristwatch.

The history of the Jorg Hysek brand and Jorg Hysek himself is probably known by all those who are interested in watches. The famous designer Jorg Hysek, who was long engaged in creating the style of wristwatches for many major brands, decided in 1996 that he no longer wanted to be a "guest star", but was already ready to implement his own ideas under his own brand.

In 1999, at the exhibition in Basel, the first watch collection of the brand was premiered, in particular the legendary curved case "Bridge", which immediately became the hallmark of the Heisek wristwatches.

Thus, from a small design Bureau, it became a serious watchmaker with its own factory located in the city of Lussi sur Morges, near Geneva. All customers of the brand can visit the manufactory and see firsthand how their own calibers are created, cases are processed, and wristwatches are assembled and tested.

Creating your own mechanisms was a huge step in the development of this watch company and no less difficult than developing a recognizable design. Now the brand's models can compete with the exclusive products of the most famous Geneva watch houses, and quartz movements are used only in women's watch collections.

This brand with an exciting destiny has a huge creative potential!

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