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Swiss wrist watch Bovet

Swiss wrist watch Bovet

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Bold design ideas and avant-garde design allowed the Bovet brand to take a worthy position in the world of watches. It was Edouard Bove who first came up with the idea of using a transparent back cover in his products, which naturally fascinated, because it became possible to observe the work of the mechanisms. The second hand, made in the form of a snake, also added to the attractiveness.

Edouard Bove opened his first business in Canton at the beginning of the XIX century, when he was only 24 years old. However, this did not prevent it from gaining popularity around the world.

Now the company Bovet has only added quality to its work, releasing copies with a stunning mural. Also in the line of watches there are domed dials made of burnt enamel, as well as miniatures of picturesque decoration on mother-of-pearl. Many elements of miniature products on the dials are covered with engraving and enamel.

Every year, the company produces about 2 thousand models, most of which are created in a limited version. There is a huge interest among customers for a single watch, which boasts dials with expensive stones and cloisonne enamel. Such models are a tasty morsel for true collectors, watchmakers spend several months developing them.

Bovet also specializes in wristwatches. In 1976, during the creation of the Sportster (a model of automatic watches), the company decided to return to the production of the chronograph. Thanks to the quality and elegance of the watches produced, the company was able to become a symbol of the era. Bovet watchmakers are real masters of their craft, and have already proved this many times with their exquisite products. Here and now a huge number of models simply seduce with their design and workmanship.

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