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Swiss wrist watch Cvstos

Swiss wrist watch Cvstos

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It was expected that the son of the founder of such a watch company would follow in the footsteps of his fatherand for several decades Sirmeikes Jr. has been making his own Swiss watches under the Cvstos brand.

Despite the relative youth of the brand, Cvstos Swiss wristwatches have a serious watch tradition and heritage behind them. The recognizable appearance of Cvstos wristwatches is due to the designer Antonio Terranova, co - owner of this watch company. Antonio Terranova was born in the heart of the Swiss watch industry - the famous Swiss town of La Chaux de Fonds - and from a young age dreamed of making Swiss watches. Several years of diligent study and work in various watch companies have already allowed the watchmaker Terranova to create his first concept – Swiss watch Terranova No. 1 Antonio also managed the production lines of the Swiss watch companies Piaget and Cartier, was responsible for new developments in the watch company TAG Heuer, and in the watch companies Zenith and Breitling led the development of new models of watches. But Antonio initially dreamed of creating his own Swiss watches, which he does, being the co-founder of the Swiss watch brand Cvstos.

A special feature of the Swiss Cvstos wristwatch is the skeleton dials, which effectively open the internal device of the watch. The high-tech look of Cvstos watches is addressed to those watch lovers for whom high watchmaking does not mean exclusively watches with gold cases and diamonds, dials in the style of Cotes de Geneve.

The round and barrel-shaped cases of the Swiss Cvstos wristwatch are made not only of steel, gold, and titanium, but also of palladium, carbon fiber, and other modern high-tech materials. The watch has clearly distinguishable crown and treated metal surfaces that emphasize the modern style of this young Swiss brand. The grey matte surfaces on the Cvstos watches attract attention to detail, and even if the technologies used are not innovative in watchmaking, the futuristic and modern look of this brand's watches can not leave fans of Swiss watches indifferent.

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