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Swiss wrist watch U-boat

Swiss wrist watch U-boat

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Not only a collector of Swiss watches, but also just a connoisseur of high watchmaking art, it would be nice to buy a watch that would differ not only in its original design and appearance, but also in the masterful execution of the mechanism itself, as well as an unusual creation history. It should be noted that the idea of creating a wristwatch originally did not belong to Maestro Italo Fontano himself, but was inherited from his grandfather, who made wristwatches for the Italian army during world war II! Since then, more than 60 years have passed, and the grandson of Ivo Fontana-Italo, looking through the grandfather's archives drawings, found forgotten sketches of the clock. The discovery inspired him more than the discovery of a stash made by his grandfather could have pleased him. And the aggressive designer decided to switch from the production of clothing, which he was doing at that time, to the manufacture of Swiss wristwatches. The idea created by his grandfather seemed very original to him, especially the style of "military" was again coming into fashion, so the idea of creating a watch U-Boat U 42 appeared.

New watches under the U-Boat brand still remind you of their military past. For example, their large crown heads were moved to the left side of the cases, which was typical for pilot wristwatches of the 30-40s. According to the creators, the non-standard position of the wind-up wheel did not restrict the movement of the pilots ' wrists in any way.
The official point of view on the origin of the brand name reads: U-Boat is nothing more than an abbreviation of the phrase " your boat "(translated from English - "your boat"), since the origin of the watch U-Boat is directly related to the history of the Italian Navy.

All u-Boat watches are made on the basis of non-killable calibers produced specifically for these models at the ETA factory in Switzerland, but everything else is made in Italy. Moreover, although The u-Boat brand is considered innovative, in its work Fontana relies on technologies that were used by watchmakers in the XVIII – XIX centuries.

In 2008, Fontana created a unique model specifically commissioned by Sylvester Stallone. The famous actor and Director has long loved Italian watches and has warm feelings for this brand. Now Stallone's collection has been expanded with the U-Boat Flightdeck 50 CA 18K model, made in gold. In the wristwatches of this brand, other celebrities, for example, David Beckham, they are worn by people of various professions, including musicians, for example, the guitarist of the legendary band "Kiss" Paul Stanley, British musician James blunt, actors Tom cruise and Roger Moore, fashion designer J. J. Abrams. Armani, TV host Jeremy Clarkson in the collection of Arnold Schwarzenegger, there are as many as two models, this is the U-Boat U-42 and U-Boat Flightdeck.

The Swiss u-Boat wristwatch is not just an accessory, it can rightfully be considered a sign of a strong character. Despite its small age, the original U-Boat watch has already established itself as an elite luxury sports watch.

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