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Swiss wrist watch Wyler

Swiss wrist watch Wyler

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Wyler watch manufactory founded in the late 19th century in 1896 Initially, the watch produced by this company sold well in Italy. At the initiative of the large family company Binda, which occupied the main place in the distribution of Swiss wristwatches in the Italian watch market, the name was decided to be replaced with a new Wyler Vetta.

In 1932, the founder of the company invented an absolutely innovative shockproof system Incaflex, this system allowed to produce incredibly resistant to the strongest impacts of watch movements. The basic principle of operation of this system consisted in the operation of two semi-spiral levers, which were symmetrically and mirror- like relative to each other and were reduced to the center of the balance. The levers thus act as shock absorbers that absorb the energy of impacts. The concept of "flexible balance" appeared, so to speak, which attracted the attention of many watchmakers at that time.

in the 30s of the 20th century, the company was the official sponsor of italian football clubs, in 1934 at the world cup, the leaders of the italian national team meazza and goalkeeper kombi played in the wyler watch.

On December 21, 1956, Wyler conducted an unprecedented experiment in the French capital of Paris , from the incredible height of the Eiffel tower, more than 200 meters, dropped down to the ground, several Wyler wristwatches equipped with the Incaflex system at once, and this test was passed perfectly, the watch was uncompromisingly tested for strength, Wyler continued to work, and the movement of the watch remained the same accurate!

Along with the "flexible balance Incaflex", the company has another outstanding development, a reliable and efficient system "Aquarama". When the production and sale of watches from this series was established, unusual transparent containers filled with water were specially designed and manufactured for them, in these containers the watches were displayed in the windows of watch shops.

Wyler watch company has long surprised fans and all connoisseurs of the watch industry with its new inventions and unusual design solutions. Unfortunately, at the moment the company has ceased to exist, and you can buy watches of this brand only occasionally, on the secondary market, touching another world "watch history".

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