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Swiss wrist watch Montblanc

Swiss wrist watch Montblanc

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Montblanc watches have become a legendary symbol of Swiss quality and respectability. The first Montblanc Timewalker was introduced to the world in 1997.

Before that, Montblanc was engaged in the production of elite writing materials and accessories for men. Designers of this legendary Swiss brand noticed that buyers would like to buy a Mont Blanc pen complete with other business accessories.

As a result, the Mont Blanc watch has become one of the most popular business accessories in a short time. Montblanc has also developed women's wristwatches for the fairer half of humanity, as the high demand for luxury accessories and wristwatches has expanded its target audience.

Today, the classic Sport, Summit, Profile and Montblanc Star watches are very popular. Along with them, the Lady Profile collection specially created for women is very popular. In 2007, the company managed to acquire the manufactory, from which point the company began to install its own caliber in the watch.

The brand's business card is the logo in the form of the snow-covered top of mount Mont Blanc. The second symbol of the brand is the numbers Montblanc 4810, which is the height of the mountain in meters.

Montblanc wristwatches are not only about style and luxury, but also quality assurance, as the Swiss movement of all watches is given a lifetime warranty, and this speaks volumes.

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