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Swiss wrist watch Blancpain

Swiss wrist watch Blancpain

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The history of the brand began in a small workshop, in 1735, which was opened by the watchmaker Jean-Jacques Blanpin in the village of Villeray. Dynasty of watchmakers has 13 generations, and has achieved great success in watchmaking, masters of this dynasty opened the time College place Villa to all who are burning with passion for precision mechanics, could get an education in watchmaking.
For more than 250 years of the company's existence, its masters have developed a" code " of watchmakers - Blancpain masters consider the production of watches as creativity! In the entire history of the company, its masters have not produced a single copy of quartz or electronic watches!
This is the credo of the company, which adheres to the unshakeable traditions of high watchmaking. Staying true to the tradition of craftsmanship, 13 generations of Blancpain watchmakers have passed on their ideas and experience to each other for more than two and a half centuries.

The second breath of Blancpain "opened" in 1983, when the company was acquired by Jean-Claude beaver – one of the most prominent "representatives" of the modern Swiss watch industry. The acquisition of Blancpain was a huge risk for him, but he deliberately took this step, which became a serious challenge for him. Beaver decided to bet on the fact that Blancpain never "lowered the bar" in the production of watches!
Today, Blancpain is part of the most powerful Swiss watch holding company Swatch Group and is considered one of the most respected companies in the world. The modern Blancpain factory is located in Le Brassu. It employs more than a hundred employees-graduates of the best watchmaking schools in Switzerland. Each master of the company personally makes one watch from the beginning to the end.

Blancpain develops and manufactures its own mechanisms! Traditional craftsmanship combined with a unique, up-to-date style ensures the brand a constant loyalty of fans for several centuries.

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