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Swiss wrist watch Breguet

Swiss wrist watch Breguet

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Breguet is a watch brand with more than 200 years of history. During this period, the brand has become such an integral part of European culture that this name involuntarily comes to mind when someone seeks to convey an aristocratic, bourgeois or simply high-class, refined image characterized by the highest standards.

The company Breguet was founded in 1775 by Abraham Louis Breguet. The connections he had made during his training in watchmaking and mathematics were not slow to produce a stunning result. The infamous Queen Marie Antoinette was struck by his unique self-winding watch, and Louis XVI bought several copies. One of them he gave to the Navigator Louis Antoine de Bougainville just as The latter was organizing his trip to the North pole. There is a legend that Marie-Antoinette commissioned Breguet to create a watch with all the existing functions at that time. This is how the masterpiece of watchmaking, the Marie Antoinette model, was born. Also, Napoleon was one of the most loyal fans of the Breguet company.

Abraham Louis fulfilled both conditions necessary for the Breguet brand to flourish: he found an outlet for the rich and powerful representatives of the aristocracy and established himself as a genius of watch mechanics. Over time, Breguet improved the original automatic winding mechanism invented by Perrelet, invented a shockproof mechanism for the balance wheel (before that, most pocket watches were severely damaged by falling to the ground) and improved the repeater – pocket watches that marked certain time intervals with a musical signal, which made it easier to navigate in time at night.

Breguet's most famous invention was the tourbillon. Even in our time of high technology, only a very experienced watchmaker can create a tourbillon. According to Breguet's theory, the earth's gravity affected the accuracy of a pocket watch, which was usually worn in an upright position. With the help of the tourbillon, the Master was able to minimize the deviations introduced by changing the position of the watch. This most complex detail has allowed many mechanical watches to achieve the precision of chronometers.

Summing up, we can say that while Breguet are the lot of the chosen, collectors who are thinking of buying one of these mechanical masterpieces will not make a mistake by choosing a watch of this brand. The history, high quality and uniqueness of this brand make sure that such an acquisition will be a profitable investment.

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