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Alchemists of the 21st century. What is the secret of the De Bethune brand, how a relatively young watch manufacturer was able to gain such authority among very serious and adamantly conservative watch collectors.

Founded in 2002 and managed by David Zanetta and Danny Flageolet, the firm's numerous patents focus on eliminating technical problems with watch movements. Entrepreneur and watch collector David Zanetta and French watchmaker Danny Flageolet, who created more than a hundred of their own sophisticated watch movements, successfully promote the brand on the watch market.

Danny Flageolet began his career as a watchmaker at the Museum of watchmaking in Le Locle. Through restoration work in the workshops, Denny earned an unqualified reputation and began to receive orders to perform work on the manufacture of mechanisms for the Breguet company. Later, Denny interacted with such watch manufacturers as Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Piaget, Franck Muller, and created many of the most complex watch movements in the world. Denny was also able to work with the Creator of complex watch mechanics, Francois Paul Journ.

The very first manufacturing mechanism DB2004-released in 2004, was created on the basis of a patented titanium- platinum balance. The innovative method of the masters from De Bethune to create a new oscillating system is aimed at improving the performance of the clock. The watch was equipped with the lightest possible balance, the solution was in a 4-shoulder design, and the frame itself is made of titanium, with a platinum weight placed at the end of each shoulder. A unique moon indicator in the form of a sphere was invented and patented, which became the brand's hallmark. The brand's mechanisms have unique "triple parachute" shock-proof systems to protect the most vulnerable point in the clockwork of the balance axle pin.

De Bethune actively uses modern materials in the construction of watch movements, such as silicon. Characteristics of silicon: hardness, antimagnetism, lightness, the ability to refuse to lubricate the mechanism.

Flageolet designed the world's lightest tourbillon, which has a weight of 0.18 grams, Denny also abandoned the traditional carriages in favor of a" Spartan " frame.

The minute repeater of the Dream Watch Two uses the sound of a bell instead of a Gong, and the perpetual calendar instantly changes dates.

The useful functionality of the De Bethune watch is demonstrated by the movable lugs that are provided with large watch cases. The simple design adapts the watch to the requirements of its owner ergonomically.

The approach to creating the brand allowed Zanetta and Flageolet to achieve a result that few people believed In, de Bethune watches became a potential collector's value. At the heart of the De Bethune team is the desire to realize revolutionary watchmaking by applying the practicality and functionality, aesthetic innovations of De Bethune watches.

De Bethune has taken a big step towards creating a perfect watch, as an artifact of humanity's endless quest for perfection.

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