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Swiss wrist watch Vacheron Constantin

Swiss wrist watch Vacheron Constantin

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Vacheron Constantin wristwatches represent reliability, prestige, and conspicuous cost. Vacheron Constantin is one of the few brands that is mentioned in connection with the names of the most famous people on the planet. At one time, the brand's clients were: Russian Emperor Alexander II, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth; as a wedding gift, the Vacheron Constantin watch was presented to Princess Diana.

The history of one of the oldest Swiss manufactories began in 1755, when a certain Jean-Marc Vacheron signed a contract with the Geneva watch factory, under which he was obliged to assemble two dozen watch mechanisms a year. Jean-Marc introduced his sons to the business; the name of the youngest of them, Ibrahim, is associated with the appearance of the famous firm of Vacheron in 1785. The brand quickly gained the trust of the highest – ranking customers: the excellent quality and refined elegance of Vacheron Constantin watches were appreciated by Napoleon's wives-Josephine and Marie Louise.

In 1819, Francois Constantin, a well-known businessman at the time, joined the company and managed to bring it to a fundamentally new level of production. Since 1877, the company has been called Vacheron & Constantin.

The brand is based on the tradition of watchmaking and elegant nobility of luxury. The dial of all Vacheron Constantin watches is decorated with a symbol of respect for tradition ― the Maltese cross, which depicts one of the smallest parts of the clockwork mechanism, a gear. Despite such adherence to the old watch traditions and conservative, strictly classic design, men's and women's watches Vacheron Constantin are always in demand and always in fashion.

Of course, the reputation of the Vacheron Constantin brand was created not only by its impeccable work and long history, but also by the technical achievements that the brand can rightfully be proud of: Vacheron Constantin owns the development of a super-thin mechanical watch, the case height of which is only 1.64 mm! Not so long ago, Vacheron Constantin released one of the most expensive watches in the world - the Kalista watch; it took 140 grams of gold and 118 diamonds to make it! The Kallista watch cost an anonymous buyer $ 5 million (1979). Today, their cost would be approximately 11 million dollars.

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