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Swiss wrist watch Paul Picot

Swiss wrist watch Paul Picot

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Paul Picot: Swiss quality is like the art of making a watch!

The Paul Picot watch company was founded in 1976 by Mario Boiocchi, this entrepreneur, confident in the success of his watch project, he was able to inject new energy into the watch itself at the right moment the essence of watchmaking. The very idea of the project was to create a watch of the highest quality quality control using all the features of the latest watch technology. From the very beginning everything has changed the company's efforts were aimed at developing really, really complex mechanisms. It should be noted that the company follows the principle of perfecting every watch detail. This approach has given Paul Picot an unqualified recognition on the watchmaking Olympus and a loyal following love of all fans of this brand. And in 1976, a new, young name for the tall sentry appeared skill level.

A little about the master in whose name the company itself is named, Pico was one of the most pioneers of watchmaking in the distant XVIII century: he worked and created the highest degree of original watch products, the details of which were made by hand. Well, today, his name bears the most modern watch company that has already formed its own philosophy! Despite the fact that in the 1970s the trends were in futuristic design and electronic technology, the company from Le Noirmont-continued to adhere to the values of Picot, developing and manufacturing wristwatches watches, distinguished by their individuality. High-precision and complex in technical terms, all of them equipped with mechanisms of exceptional high quality.

Today the company is widely represented in the watch market and is highly valued throughout the world the world! And zealous and devoted fans of extraordinary watches of this brand highly appreciate the style Paul Picot! Masters at the factory Paul Picot pay special importance to the quality materials and due to the high skill of the best members of the profession who, working in Le Noirmont, develop and produce outstanding watches.

Paul Picot is on an eternal creative quest and expresses its hourly vision through understanding and perfect command of technical techniques in the manufacture of watches!

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