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Swiss wrist watch Baume & Mercier

Swiss wrist watch Baume & Mercier

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Baume & Mercier is a watch brand whose history goes back to the distant 16th century. Soon after the Bohm brothers opened a watch shop in Le Bois, Switzerland, their business began to grow rapidly and, as a result, they earned a reputation as watchmakers with the most advanced innovations. Following the motto: "produce only the highest quality watches”, in 1840 Louis-Victor and Celestine Bohm invented the latest movement controller for pocket watches. In 1869, Louis-Victor presented a gold pocket watch with such a regulator to his daughter, Melina. Even then, he noticed the interest of the female audience in time meters. By the end of the 19th century, “Baume Brothers " was gaining worldwide fame and becoming a serious international watch manufacturer. The brothers are famous for their pocket chronographs and especially models with complications-a repeater, a full calendar and a tourbillon. Thanks to its watches, the company has won ten major awards and seven gold medals at international exhibitions and shows in Paris, Melbourne, Zurich, London, Amsterdam and Chicago.

In the early twenties of the last century, the Director of “Baume Brothers”, William Bohm, joined forces with Paul Mercier - so the watch “Baume & Mercier " was born. In 1919, the design of the Baume &Mercier watch was awarded the highest international award “Poincon de Geneve " - a sign of exceptional craftsmanship and quality of execution.

With the advent of Paul Mercier, a new corporate philosophy has emerged, which is still relevant today. From this moment on, the highest precision is always next to infinite elegance. True pioneers of watchmaking, " Baume & Mercier”, develop watch shapes that differ from the traditional round, which wins attention among the public! As a result, the company establishes its own style and leaves a mark in the field of watch design, which is noticeable throughout the "Art Deco" period. In 1940, the “Witness the Hampton " collection was launched – a chic watch with a memorable industrial design that keeps pace with the most important moments of life, embodying art with inimitable elegance. Since 1970, “Baume & Mercier “offers its customers watches designed with an innovative approach - ” Galaxy “and”Stardust". Perfectly reflecting the creative ingenuity of the company, these models win the prestigious international awards "Golden Rose” and "Baden-Baden". In 1973, the company foresaw changes in the society of watch lovers and released the "Riviera" model, one of the first stylish sports watches.

At the moment, Baum & Mercier offers five collections of watches of the highest quality: "Hampton" - a collection of rectangular watches; "Capeland “ – chronographs and watches with a world time function;” Classima “ – for fans of minimalistic design;” Linea “ – for elegant and dynamic women; and, finally,” Clifton" - a collection for residents of large cities who are looking for classic watches that are always relevant.

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