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Swiss wrist watch

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The pawnshop's catalog contains luxury Swiss watches of various brands. You can try on the watch at our watch pawn shop

Do you dream of owning a real Swiss watch or do you want to buy it as a luxury gift to your friends and loved ones? Pawnshop of wristwatches "Luxtorg" offers a wide range of genuine accessories of high quality. We do not sell replicas or analogs.

Our catalog includes used Swiss watches and brand models that have not yet been used. For example, you can buy a pre-owned watch from us with a full set of documents, the owner of which received the accessory as a gift and immediately decided to pawn it due to financial difficulties.

A wide range of Swiss watch

Here you will find a wide selection of models. There are several dozen names, among which you can find both the most expensive Swiss watches in the world, and luxury versions of more affordable prices.

Advantages of cooperation with our pawnshop

To buy a watch at a pawn shop "Luxtorg" on attractive terms. By cooperating with us, you will get the opportunity to make a profitable deal without risks with 100% guarantees of the authenticity of products.

Advantages of our pawn shop of wristwatches:

  • All products are checked for authenticity by highly qualified specialists.
  • Along with a pre-owned watch or luxury jewelry, You will receive all the official documents that a buyer would have received when purchasing goods in an elite boutique.
  • All pre-owned watches are in perfect condition, as they undergo pre-sale training with our specialists. You will get confidence that all the details of the watch movement correspond to luxury quality and are in working order.
  • The cost of luxury Swiss products in our country is about 30% lower than in expensive boutiques. At the same time, You purchase the same branded products.

The quality and style of these watch for ages

Gold watches of famous Swiss brands are not just a reliable and attractive accessory. Over time, the cost of many models of watches can increase, which makes them one of the ways to invest. Swiss masterpieces are distinguished by impeccable execution, classic design traditions, expensive luxury materials and unique creation technologies that have been proven for centuries.

Mutually beneficial cooperation

If you want to pawn Swiss watches in Moscow, you can do it in the shortest possible time. In just 15 minutes, our experienced experts will verify the authenticity of accessories, evaluate their current condition and assign the actual price.

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