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Swiss wrist watch Corum

Swiss wrist watch Corum

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How did the mechanisms of the Corum watch work?

Corum is a relatively young brand of Swiss watches. But during this short period of existence, the company managed to reach prestigious "watch" heights!

Rewind the clock hands. The opening of the company took place in 1955 after the watchmaker Gaston Rea made an offer to his grandson Rene Bannwart and daughter Simone to jointly manage the company, which he had managed since 1924. After that, a factory producing high-end Swiss watches was established in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Rene Bannwart has excellently demonstrated his skills and experience of 20 years of work at Omega and Patek Philippe. He started creating his own watches of original design and high class. In 1956, the first models of watches were widely recognized in Basel.

While preparing for an exhibition held in 1958, someone accidentally noticed that some dials do not have hour markers. However, there was no time to correct the situation. Completely desperate, the team decided not to change anything – the smooth gold dial was decorated only with the legendary "key" and the name Corum. To the surprise of all, a miracle happened. The model that does not have labels and numbers was the most successful at the exhibition.

Since 1968, Corum watches have been well bought not only in Europe, but also in the United States. For its fortieth anniversary, the firm has opened a design center that demonstrates the company's successful policy. The organization took a risk and invited young professionals with fresh views to develop new, unique designs in the spirit of the creative Olympiad. The key element of the competition is to demonstrate again and again the pioneering spirit of the company, which was expressed by the founders of Corum from the very first days of operation.

Current collections are represented by the following model range: Heritage, Bridges and Admiral's Cup.

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