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Swiss wrist watch Ulysse Nardin

Swiss wrist watch Ulysse Nardin

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The Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin ("Ulysses Nardin") originated in 1846 and for 165 years has been one of the leaders in the production of complex mechanical watches of an Executive class.

The founder of the company, Ulysses Nardin, was a hereditary watchmaker: he studied under his father and two experienced craftsmen-Frederic-Guillaume Dubois and Louis-Jean-Richard de Bressel. Dubois specialized in the manufacture of astronomical clocks and marine chronometers necessary for navigation, so Nardin's company has long specialized in the production of marine chronometers. Management of the watchmaking workshop was later taken over by Ulysses ' son, Paul-David Naarden, and gradually the family business grew and strengthened, and turned into a large-scale production.

The company won its first victory already in its second decade of existence: it received the highest award in the category "Complex watches and pocket chronometers" at the exhibition in London. It was then that Ulysse Nardin announced itself as a worthy competitor. Having once set such a high bar, the company simply had no right to stop, and each time it had to prove its right to lead: in 2003, the jury of Chronos magazine awarded the Genghis Khan Westminster Tourbillon Jaquemart minute repeater of Ulysse Nardin with the award for innovation, in 2009, the Ulysse Nardin manufactory was awarded the "Clock with a complicated mechanism", and for its ingenious design – the FREAK model!

With the advent of quartz watches, the company's business declined. The Ulysse Nardin brand has become endangered. In 1983, the company was bought out by businessman Rolf Schneider, who returned the brand to its former glory. Today, Ulysse Nardin continues to develop and produce limited batches of watches of the highest technical level. The use of inventions, patented by the firm, allows to produce complex models, inaccessible to others, such as the popular series Trilogy, as well as Jaquemart Minute Repeater with a minute repeater, Hour Striker San Marco with the figure of a blacksmith, beat the clock, and the legendary Freak watch with "rotary engine", where the tourbillon cage rotates not only the node balance, and immediately the whole odnomestniy mechanism, transformed thus into a giant minute hand.

Automatic mechanical watches with useful functions such as Big Date, alarm clock and second time zone GMT come to the forefront of the modern catalog of Ulysse Nardin watches. The Ulysse Nardin wristwatch is, without exaggeration, a thing for those who can afford a status and expensive purchase. For those who can appreciate the ingenious work of the human mind and hands!

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