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LuxTorg Pawn Shop

LuxTorg Pawn Shop offers a wide selection of genuine Swiss watches at very competitive prices.
The range includes pre-owned watches and accessories of elite quality.


Elite LuxTorg Pawn Shop

Swiss watches combine a lot of advantages. They are distinguished by a combination of extreme reliability, expensive materials and original design. For many years now, they have been considered the epitome of sophistication and elegance. The cost of such products is very high, and it is often very difficult to buy them in elite specialized boutiques, even for representatives of the strong middle class. Pawnshop of Swiss watches is an opportunity to buy real watches from Switzerland at more affordable prices.

Our elite pawnshop specializes in selling the products of famous Swiss brands of the highest quality - both new and used. The range includes not only expensive watches at an attractive price, but also jewelry and accessories.

Swiss watch pawnshop services are in demand for two categories of clients:

  • If you need money urgently. We will issue the Deposit amount just 15 minutes after the request, during which we will determine the authenticity of the submitted watch or jewelry in a qualified manner. You will not need to collect information, search for guarantors, etc.
  • If You want to buy your friends and family a solid gift in the form of a real Swiss watch or luxury jewelry. In our pawnshop, the price is 30% lower than in the salons. This will allow you to choose a luxury gift at a more affordable cost.

Advantages of our pawnshop

Only real Swiss watch

Our pawn shop offers only genuine Swiss watches, accessories and jewelry. No replicas, analogues or fakes!

On the market

We have been working in the service market for 8 years, which allows us to apply an individual approach to each client.


Our staff consists of experienced appraisers who quickly and clearly determine the authenticity of the item and its current condition.

luxury watch

You can buy luxury watches from us, which are practically eternal! The cost of many models may only increase over time.


Collateral conditions
The interest rate for using the loan starts from 3% per month.
Trade-in watch
Favorable individual terms of the watches exchange deal.
Sell watch
Buying Swiss watch in Moscow

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