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Swiss wrist watch Harry Winston

Swiss wrist watch Harry Winston

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Since its inception, the Harry Winston company has specialized in the manufacture of jewelry. The company's activities began in the early twentieth century; in 1947, the name of the company's founder, Harry Winston, was known to everyone. He sold the most expensive and luxurious jewelry; his clients were movie stars, pop stars, famous politicians and other famous persons. The first Harry Winston watch was released in 1989. All Harry Winston watches are a true work of horological art. Swiss craftsmen work in unique conditions, using the most complex mechanisms and technologies for the manual Assembly of their watches.

In our pawnshop of watches in Moscow, You can become the owner of an exclusive model of the original Harry Winston watch. If we talk specifically about the functions, most models are equipped with additional miniature equipment, such as a calendar that displays the date in a separate window, a countdown timer, a tourbillon or an indicator of the operation of mechanisms. All Harry Winston watches have a very different design and style of decoration, but all these models have one thing in common – high quality and reliability, which you can be absolutely sure of.

Most of the women's Harry Winston watches are encrusted with precious stones, and the overall design combines extravagance and elegance. Such a watch will become the most successful addition to the image of every truly elegant woman, emphasizing the features of her taste and luxury style.

Men's watches Harry Winston-differ in a more conservative design than the women's version, but at the same time do not lose their originality. The luxurious design of the watch captures the eye and causes justifiable admiration. They are perfect for the image of solid men, as well as those who lead an active lifestyle. Thanks to its water resistance and shockproof mechanism, the watch does not require special handling or maintenance.

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