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Swiss wrist watch Graham

Swiss wrist watch Graham

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The history of this watch brand takes us back to the eighteenth century, when the English watch industry was in its Prime. Large contours of the watch case and high-quality mechanisms put Graham on a par with the world leaders in watchmaking.

The brand was born at the expense of the ideas of a brilliant watchmaker, and even today many famous brands want to revive the skill of George Graham, his desire for technical excellence and technological innovation, had a strong influence on the development of watchmaking in the XVIII century. Watches of this brand are not infrequently endowed with specialized functions. These features are relevant for mariners, aviators, and people who are directly related to extreme sports.

Perhaps this is why Graham watches are mainly adapted for men, because only they can truly appreciate their functionality, combined with amazing quality.

In his youth, George Graham moved to live in London, where he achieved fame as one of the best masters of his era. He was welcomed by the watchmakers Association' Company. Thanks to the research of this English watchmaker, inventions were born, the relevance of which has not been lost to this day.

Business card of the company – originally performed by the crown in the form of a lever located on the left side. Even taking into account the fact that in the collection of this watch brand there are watches with ordinary heads, the world market is familiar with Graham watches as the personification of originality, precisely for this "hour factor".

Designers and craftsmen of the company are real professionals with exceptional taste. At BaselWorld, the company constantly surprises everyone with its originality, presenting updated models: Silverstone GMT Chapman, Chronofighter 1695, Chronofighter Oversize Black Sahara and Chronofighter Oversize Prodive, etc.

Graham watches are extremely popular both in England and around the world. Their quality and exclusivity are the epitome of the watchmaker's talent.

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