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Swiss wrist watch Men's wristwatches

Swiss wrist watch Men's wristwatches

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Swiss men's watches of elite quality are a luxury accessory that is distinguished by impeccable performance, expensive materials, and stylish design in the best classical traditions.

Becoming the owner of a real Swiss watch means investing money in a reliable eternal value worthy of becoming an heirloom.

We offer 2 types of cooperation

  • If you urgently need money, bring us your watch, and You will immediately be able to get your hands on the right amount. This is much more convenient than taking a loan from a Bank, which requires a lot of references and the participation of guarantors.
  • If you want to buy a watch for yourself or as a gift to friends or colleagues, you can do it for 30% cheaper than the price in an elite boutique.

Advantage of cooperation

  • Watch pawnshop "Luxorg" offers real accessories of Swiss brands for sale. We are responsible for the quality and authenticity of each model!
  • You can Deposit your watch in just 30 minutes with the option to redeem it.
  • Our experienced specialist will quickly inspect the product, evaluate its external condition and performance characteristics, and determine its authenticity. The check is completed within 15 minutes.
  • An individual approach to each client allows you to make a deal on the purchase of men's wristwatches profitable for both parties. You get 100% quality guarantees of the purchased product and a complete package of documentation. Our experienced consultants will answer all your questions and help you make your cooperation enjoyable and effective.

Men's wristwatches are an accessory that is an indicator of status. You can look respectable and enjoy exclusive quality at a reasonable profit by purchasing impeccable samples of high style in the pawnshop "Luxorg".

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