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Swiss wrist watch Zenith

Swiss wrist watch Zenith

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The Swiss watchmaker Zenith was founded by Georges Fevre-Jacot in 1865, when he was 22 years old. Since that time, the production of Zenith watches has been constantly improving.

Georges managed to bring together talented artists under one roof. By 1875, the number of employees working at his factory had grown to 3,000. The Zenith brand received its name in 1911. According to legend, Georges Favre-Jacot came up with the name when he was walking in the mountains and admiring the stars. The highest and brightest star became the emblem of the watch brand. In the watch industry, Zenith is the highest point of excellence. This is the result that the company strives for throughout its entire activity.

In the twenties of the last century, the company launched its own branches in Moscow, Geneva, Paris, London and new York. The company has started to win awards in the most promising Swiss competitions. This confirms the high quality of the company's products. In total, the company has received more than one and a half thousand awards. This success puts Zenith in the top five watch brands in Switzerland.

After the end of the Second world war, the company seeks to expand its activities. An active improvement of automatic mechanisms began, which made it possible to create perfect wristwatches. In 1955, the first chronograph with an indication of universal time was released. The watch was equipped with a second hand, a small second hand, and a forty-five-minute counter.

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