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Swiss wrist watch Armand Nicolet

Swiss wrist watch Armand Nicolet

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Armand Nicolet was born in 1890, in Tramelan, a small town in the Jura region of Bernoise. The boy had an extraordinary ability, which was discovered by his father, a watchmaker. One day, when he returned home from work, he found his seven – year-old son at his Desk, looking with interest at the gears and wheels of the clock mechanism that he had just disassembled. When, at the request of his father, the boy put the watch back together with absolute accuracy and without any drawings, M. Nicolet realized that his child had an undoubted and unusual talent for watchmaking and decided to train him. Armand made such progress that at the age of 20 he was able to start his own watchmaking workshop, where he began to produce watches that have since borne his name – ARMAND NICOLET.

Nicolet died in 1939. Since then, several generations have succeeded each other, the work of the master was continued by his son, who was succeeded by his son, and the watch with the name ARMAND NICOLET on the dial has not disappeared from the shelves, and still finds its admirers.

Subsequently, the company had new owners, but the company continues to exist and develop. And most importantly, the spirit of ARMAND NICOLET, as well as its philosophy, still lives in the hearts of its followers.

"We make watches the way Armand did," says Armand Nicolet's CEO, Ronaldo Braga, " with increased attention to detail, individual use of mechanical calibers, a variety of elegant shapes and durability."

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